“20 – 25% more profit – no talent required.” Have I turned crooked?

I know, I know.

I quite understand if you thought “Drayton’s gone to The Dark Side. Next thing he’ll send me one of those emails.”

You know the ones I mean.

The ones like “Hey Buddy. You don’t need a list, a product or even half a brain to make gazillions this easy way … etc., etc.” from something like Cashmaster.

Sadly what I told the Amex people 29 years ago is not that miraculous.

It’s just a simple thing that works – so simple I almost feel like apologising.

I won’t, though, because a surprising number of people don’t know about it – and those who do often forget it.

It is only five words long.

And it’s a tiny variation on perhaps the most important single element in persuasion – which is reason-why.

You’ll remember I’m sure that giving people a reason why your offer is so good or your product is so special or your price is so low is essential.

That’s because when people say something is good you need a reason to believe.

In the same way when someone writes to you, or talks to you, you need an explanation.

You need a reason to listen or read. It’s not enough for someone to launch into selling.

And that is why the simple words “I’m writing to you because” – are so powerful.

They give people a reason to read.

As I said originally, they call for no talent whatsoever – either in writing or marketing.

But they work.

If you’d like our help writing some copy that works – or any with any other part of your marketing – send Gerald (gerald@draytonbird.com) an email with a subject of ‘Reason Why’.

Why not do it right now, while this is fresh on your mind.