Why the rise of Mr. Trump should disturb us all

The similarities between this blow-waved buffoon and the late Herr Hitler are terrifyingly close

There is a great wave of neo-fascism/racism/religious fanaticism sweeping the world.

“Tell a lie for long enough and people will believe it” said Goebbels. Trump doesn’t even try to justify his lies. And how do they differ from those of other racists or religious demagogues?

“They are Shia, kill them.” “They are Syrians, keep them out”. “All Mexicans are rapists, build a wall”.

There is nothing new about this thinking. It has always been there, lurking in the swamps of ignorance.

In Eastern Europe the Poles and Hungarians have elected racist, fascist parties. Trump would be welcome at their rallies.

“They are black, bring out the fiery cross.” Anyone who studies the repeated reports of police brutality against the black community in the U.S. cannot help but wonder how far things have progressed since the end of segregation.

“They are Jews, incinerate them.” That was what Nazism led to. Where would a man like Trump take America?

I am not American, but in my lifetime the U.S. has for the most part been a force for good. And like it or not the U.S. leads what is left of the free world.

The thought that someone whose views and campaigning techniques are so very close to Hitler’s is terrifying.

I am old enough to have lived through World War 2. As a child I sheltered from the bombs.

Many people in the ’30’s saw Hitler as a clown, but he nearly destroyed civilisation. What built Nazism was lies and hate. The kind Trump spews out.

The thought that this thuggish serial liar could ever lead the free world leaves those of us who believe in democracy appalled.

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  1. Rezbi

    He’s a big supporter of Israel. So obviously, he’s going to share their language.

    Hitler had nothing on the Israelis and their supporters.

  2. Rezbi

    “I am not American, but in my lifetime the U.S. has for the most part been a force for good. And like it or not the U.S. leads what is left of the free world.”

    Not sure I agree with you here. In proportion to their short history, the USA has killed more people than everyone else put together.

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