The sheer blithering incompetence of Barclays Bank

The man in charge of this utterly incompetent cock-up of a business gets paid up to £8,240,000 a year

‘The older I get the more I admire and crave competence, just simple competence, in any field from adultery to zoology,’ said H. L. Mencken.

You can be damn sure he wouldn’t have found much amongst retail bankers.

I suspect it’s generally agreed by all normal thinking people that the overpaid buffoons who run banks should by and large be hung drawn and quartered.

But even by their lamentably pathetic standards Barclays stands out.

Two friends of mine have been Barclays Premium members for respectively 16 and 24 years.

This membership is supposed to give you added privileges and generally make your financial life easier.

Recently they needed to open a joint account for business reasons.

Since Barclays must know a great deal about them you would imagine this would be a formality.

But no. To do so they were required to attend an interview at a Barclays branch. What idiocy.

Understandably they were a bit piqued by this. So they went to Nationwide who arranged the whole thing in minutes without asking many questions.

How can a firm that is so insulting and inconsiderate to its best customers hope to stay in business?

How can the so blazingly incompetent remain in employment? Do they ever stop for a moment and look at the everyday running of their shoddy business?

Who employs the grasping, overpaid slugs in charge? Who decides to pay them such obscene sums? (The answer is, committees composed of other parasites). What the hell are they doing? Why are they still alive? Do they take no interest at all in how their excuse for a business is run?

The fact that in almost every area of life we see useless vermin living high on the hog while most others scratch around for a living is causing the great wave of populism in Europe and America.

It all reminds me of the period before the French Revolution.


2 Responses to The sheer blithering incompetence of Barclays Bank

  1. Douglas Burdon says:

    Drayton, just getting to this now. As usual you deliver your message with supreme clarity.

    Clarity… there’s something marketers should be focused on.

    As Roy Williams from the Wizard Academy: The risk of insult is the price of Clarity.

    But there are few who are willing to take the risk. You sir, are one of the few.

    I can only hope that a few occupants of various ivory towers around the world get to see, hear and act on your wake up call to action.

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