BREXIT WARNING: More bullshit on the way. Ignore it

I take perverse delight in the absurd.

For example a spread-betting ad this morning suggested that Brexit presents a real opportunity to give them a try.

Why this is a better time to lose your money than usual escapes me. But it is certainly a good time to ignore almost everything you are told.

That old rogue Harold Wilson said a week is a long time in politics. Two years is a hell of a long time.

There are some interesting parallels with the great Brexit hoo-ha, though.

I went to Ireland to do a talk a few years ago. My taxi driver told me everything was going to hell on a hand cart. Even the hotel I was speaking at no longer belonged to the people that had owned it. The banks had it in their clutches. The bastards.

But guess what?

In no time at all Ireland was back on its feet and thriving.

Iceland was in an even worse state more recently – not just going down the drain but half way round the S-bend. Doom and desolation everywhere.

They’re thriving now too.

How did these things happen?

Was it because of some ingenious government treaties? Brilliant negotiations by politicians? Help from the banks?

I have a feeling it was because ordinary people like you and me had no choice. The people in charge made a bollocks of it – again – and we just got on with things.

Looking back at an up-and-down, often rocky, career my finances have been in a far worse state as an individual than most countries ever are.

I only avoided bankruptcy by hiding away for seven years.

Halfway through that period I managed to go down the drain again, only escaping by what I can only call legal sleight of hand.

When my partners and I started our agency we only survived by maxing out our credit cards. When I wanted to buy one of them out I promised to pay money I didn’t have – and did so

You and I just do what we have to do. For our families, for our self-respect.

I cannot resist ending this with a mention of My Last Hurrah, when I shall be revealing a lot of the secrets that enabled me to come out smiling.

Maybe they will help you, too, despite the greed and folly of politicians.



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