A master copywriter works his magic

This is about 1500 words long, which sounds a lot, but only takes a few minutes.

And it comes, I believe, courtesy of the man billed as the world’s highest paid copywriter.

Let me explain.

  • The subject that pays the most money is money – investment.
  • The world’s highest paid copywriter, they say, is Clayton Makepeace. A man who makes millions a year.
  • He used to offer some of the best advice I have ever seen on how to write copy. Then he stopped, a year or so ago.
  • Since then I believe he has just written copy for Weiss Investments. Yes: selling money.
  • If he didn’t write the piece I am about to analyse for you, then someone just as good did.
  • Read it, then I’ll tell you some of the reasons why it’s so good – with 25 examples.

I should enter one proviso: I don’t really think Clayton is the highest paid in the world. That accolade goes, I imagine, to Bill Bonner.

He doesn’t just write copy though. His business, Agora, owns newsletters like The Daily Reckoning and publications like Money Week.

But it all began because of his ability to write copy that persuades.

What’s to stop you? I don’t know. But I know what will start you. It is study

Here’s the copy …

As you can see I have highlighted some parts in yellow. There are numbers next to them. Just read below the copy to see what you can learn.

China’s Economy Resilient.
Dollar Nearing Another
Record Low Against Yuan!

March’s Chinese manufacturing data hits one-year high. Domestic demand booming due to yuan’s strength. All part of the plan to make the yuan a major new world currency – AND to devalue your wealth by knocking the U.S. dollar off its perch. (2)

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Dear Drayton,

Beijing just announced that China’s manufacturing activity hit a new high for the past 12 months, (8) largely because of booming domestic demand for goods, services, and luxuries that China’s 1.3 billion people are now devouring.

Make no mistake about this. China is quickly supplanting the United States as the world’s number one superpower.

I don’t say that lightly. I am an American and always will be. But as you’ll see in my special, uncensored(9) video – there’s concrete proof that you’re not hearing much about that gives you hard evidence that China’s economy is already larger than the U.S. economy. (10)

One of the reason’s(11) you’re not hearing much about it is that Washington and Beijing typically suppress such reports, acting in cahoots with each other. (12) Chief reason: They want to continue to covertly devalue the U.S. dollar and slash your wealth through inflation(13) – so Washington can attempt to pay off part of its massive debts with dollars that are mere shadows of their former selves.

That’s also why the U.S. dollar is nearing yet another record low against the Chinese yuan … and why Beijing is broadening its currency’s reach in international markets by recently extending a slew of new yuan loans to the BRIC nations of Russia, Brazil, India, South Africa and Australia. (14)

Keep in mind that none of those countries need the money that Beijing has loaned them. The low interest rate loans are being made for one and only one reason: TO INCREASE THE YUAN’S PRESENCE IN INTERNATIONAL MARKETS AND BOOST THE CHINESE CURRENCY’S ROLE IN THE WORLD’S MONETARY SYSTEM …


It’s all part and parcel of the conspiracy I’ve uncovered, (16) and it proves what I’ve been warning about all along …

That our leaders in Washington will stop at nothing to relieve the pressure they’re feeling from our country’s massive $15 trillion mountain of debt. Even if it means cooperating with China to devalue your wealth by setting off a massive round of inflation as the dollar gets knocked off its perch. (17)

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A crisis engineered by China’s leaders in collusion with our own leaders in Washington, D.C.(21) One that has recently sent the dollar to record lows against the Chinese yuan and is threatening to send the greenback even lower.

In this video I give you all the facts and I also show you how to protect yourself and your family from their scheme …

With four kinds of investments that I believe
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Larry Edelson

Before I begin, let me make some points. If you are sophisticated you may think that this copy isn’t actually the most subtle stuff you ever came across.

Well, the average investor isn’t sophisticated. The average investor watches American Idol, not Panorama on the BBC.

You will see that there is a lot of repetition. Repetition works.

You will also see that though there is logic in the story there is far more emotion. Emotion beats logic every time, otherwise there would be no wars. And it is a story. People love stories.

Having said that, here we go with what works and why:

  1. News headlines work. This one tells you that this is all about the U.S., China and currency. It sets you up for the story.
  2. The fear of loss tends to work better than the hope of gain. The phrase “knock the dollar off its perch” is highly graphic.
  3. “Damning proof” – a dramatic touch always helps.
  4. Tell the people they have to act and act now; set them up early on.
  5. Precise figures always work best. A range of figures seems more credible – and says there is more than one possibility.
  6. More drama – and again very graphic.
  7. Ask for action early on. This works with those who are already eager to know what this is all about. It’s what salespeople call a “trial close”.
  8. Do your research. It shows you know what you are talking about.
  9. There is no earthly reason why this should be censored. People just love secrets. They always feel the truth is being kept from them – and they are often right.
  10. Another fact to confirm the idea that you should be worried.
  11. A grammatical error. which will only matter to the tiny fraction of the readership who are literate – and is far less important than the argument.
  12. Everybody believes (rightly, I think) that governments are out to screw us.
  13. Another threat, more conspiracy against us by “them”.
  14. More researched facts increase conviction.
  15. Things are even worse … the pressure mounts.
  16. More conspiracy.
  17. The full horror of it all is re-stated. This is actually highlighted in yellow in the original.
  18. We repeat what a shocking thing is happening, with a second link to the video (always ask for action at least three times). And it not just as video. It is a shocking video.
  19. The writer’s credentials, always important.
  20. Always say why you are doing something. This significantly increases response.
  21. Yes: they really are out to get you.
  22. The big promise. A repetition of the figures. If they’ve believe you so far – and why not? – this makes sense.
  23. Yes: this really is shocking. For me, a little over the top.
  24. When asking for action always tell people what they will miss if they don’t act.
  25. Tell people exactly what to do.
  26. Say how little time they have to invest.
  27. The picture. People buy from people. A face always lifts response.

Do you know how to get people to do what you want? If you don’t, you can’t succeed. Not in business. Not in life.

And if that’s you, maybe we can help with your marketing.


Just send my partner Gerald (gerald@draytonbird.com) an email with a subject line of ’27 Secrets’.