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Drayton Bird Associates Ltd
Moyle House, Fleet Hill,
Finchampstead, Wokingham,
Berkshire, RG40 4LJ

Tel: 0845 3700 121
Fax: 0845 3700 131

Calls to this number are charged at a rate of seven pence per minute plus an access charged dependent on your network provider.


  1. Mark Clark

    Ordered and paid for a book (‘Commonsense . . Marketing’) on 16 May 2017. No sign. Sent a mail to chase it on 9 July 2017. No reply. Premium Rate helpline. Called it 25 July 2017. ‘Nobody available’. Practice wot you preach? Not likely.

    1. Drayton

      I am appalled, Mark. Where did you order it from?

    2. Drayton

      Hi Mark, I have replied to your e-mail twice – once telling you that Drayton was overseas in Vietnam and I would get the book to you as soon as possible, and again giving you two free gifts to make up for the delay in getting the book to you – we had a technical issue that resulted in me not being notified that you had purchased the book and when you e-mailed it happened to be when Drayton was out of the country.

      Could you please check your junk inbox for my messages and the gifts? You will have the book next week.



    3. Drayton

      Mark, can you get in touch with us please? We’d really like to speak to you and our e-mails seem to just get trapped in your spam filter.

      Thanks, Kelly

      1. Drayton

        Finally, for anyone who gives a hoot in hell, we did get the book sent off yesterday!!! What a relief …

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