How we can help you

What is your problem? Are you not getting as many enquiries as you need? Are you sure your website is working as well as it should? Do your emails get too few replies?

Do you need new ideas? Are you wondering if your marketing strategy is right? Can’t get enough prospects online? Not converting enquiries into sales? Wouldn’t you welcome an expert’s opinion, without obligation? Why not pick our brains?

Don’t you think you or your colleagues would benefit from our experience? We have 103 years between our senior partners selling almost anything you can imagine – and a few things you can’t – like electric candles for Italian cemeteries.

But we also have youngsters in their twenties working with us. They’re our Young Birds. You can get them working on your business under Drayton’s direct supervision for a fraction of his charges.

We can almost certainly help you as we have so many others.

What would you like?

Creative work that makes more money in all direct media, on-line or off.

We have clients all over the world – many we never even meet face to face. In the month this is written (July 2013) we are working with firms in Moscow, Sydney, Philadelphia, Hong Kong, Ljubljana – and of course London.

Creative Evaluation. Get a second opinion on your campaigns or communications. There’s no obligation to go further, but you find out what may be wrong – and charges start as low as £500 … nothing compared to the profits you are almost certainly losing.

Consultancy. Practical advice and tested suggestions on strategy, planning or any other aspect of your marketing.

In-house Training. Seminars created especially for you on virtually any aspect of your marketing you choose, lasting anywhere from an hour to a day.

Speeches & Public Seminars. Drayton has delivered these in 54 countries.

They have ranged from a 3-day training programme covering the essentials of direct and digital marketing to keynote and after-dinner speeches to specialized seminars on subjects like research, on-line creative, mail order, banking, insurance, how to sell property and luxury car marketing.

What do we charge?

This depends on the volume and complexity of the work and how many meetings are involved. Generally the smaller and less bureaucratic the client, the lower the charge, but we almost invariably charge less than big firms.

If you want to have a chat without obligation with Drayton himself just send us an email.


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