Drayton Bird Live and Uncensored at the MMC

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Do you make mistakes?

I've made some whoppers in my time I can tell you.

Like the 7 years I spent living under a false name to avoid the tax man.

Why? Because I engaged in the height of folly, which is to:

"Imagine everything will be OK. Assume something will go wrong; it usually does"

I'd stupidly registered all of my companies under one name. So when one went spectacularly belly up it dragged all the others down with it.

Including one that was a total cash cow - it had a 7 year lease on 100 New Bond Street.

Then there was the time I lost my shirt spending my entire advertising budget on just one publication.

The UK Newspaper 'The Sun' was getting enquiries hand over fist. Outperforming every other daily by a country mile.

Anther dumb thing to avoid:

"Never assume all enquiries are the same."

The Sun might have been getting me loads more but they weren't converting into sales nearly as well as some of the others. That business went broke in six weeks.

Of course I still make mistakes - like you I'm only human. But at least now I usually spot them.

I'd like you to learn from my catastrophes, howlers and near misses too. Knowing them now could save your business one day

And if you watch 'Drayton Bird Live (and Uncensored) at the MMC' you will.

It's a recording of a talk I gave at the Royal Mail's Mail Media Centre.

1 hour, 28 minutes on 149 ways guaranteed to ruin your business.

The things you simply must not do include:

  • Ignoring the lessons of the past. Why do people assume they didn't know as much 100 years ago? Education was certainly more demanding.
  • Having too many meetings. They are all a waste of time, there for idle people to fill up their time.
  • Falling for the latest fad. Marketers are suckers for the silver bullet. CRM, SEO, PPC, SMS, Social Media - they always think some new thing will substitute for the need to think.
  • Believing anyone who says they can make you rich. They are almost all liars - especially on the internet.
  • Assuming your prospect is intelligent. Very few are; and even they are not thinking when they get marketing messages. Why should they?
  • Assuming your prospect is stupid. They may not be brilliant, but they are not halfwits either, and resent being patronised.
  • Failing to test. Perhaps the biggest and most common mistake around. Nobody has any idea what will work. Why guess when you can know?
  • Failing to invest in your staff. They are the only ones who can make it happen for you. Train them. Be nice to them.
  • Spending more energy imagination and money on prospects than customers. Madness. Your best source of profit is the customer you've got, not the one you want.
  • Believing human nature is altered by media or changing times. Human nature has not changed since men started walking upright.
  • Not trying to be a customer. As Jack Welch remarked, most people have their heads facing the chairman and their asses facing the customers.

And 138 more absolute no-no's on top of those. Any one guaranteed to screw up your business.

You won't just learn how to not rock the boat though. You'll know how to achieve maximum profits, happy staff and very satisfied customers.

I won't beat about the bush.

At times my language can be - well - colourful.

Your no-holds-barred run down of the 149 things you really shouldn't do can, at times, be matched by my no-holds-barred language.

It really is live and uncensored.

So if you're put off by swearing, or offended by expletives then this video really isn't for you.

As with all my products 'Drayton Bird Live (and Uncensored) at the MMC' is covered by my usual, no-nonsense, 100% money back guarantee.

If within 60 days you're not completely happy I'll happily refund your money - no questions asked.

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