How to Write (and Persuade) Better

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3 videos for instant download:

I've spent the last 53 years writing stuff to persuade and sell almost every single day.

And I'd like to teach you how to write and persuade better. But in a fraction of the time it's taken me to learn - two hours, fifty minutes and forty nine seconds, to be precise.

Sales letters, e-mail, advertisements, books, scripts for telemarketing or radio commercials - I can help you with all of them. The whole shooting match.

Writing great copy isn't some black art. All you need are some simple rules - then just follow them.

In these 3 one-hour videos I'll tell you all you need to know.

Plus you also get two invaluable documents - both essential guides to your success.

The first is the Briefing Document that I use with all my own clients.

If you're trying to write and don't have a decent brief you're sunk before you start. You might as well not bother - you'll save yourself time and heartache.

The Briefing Document tells you all the questions you need to ask.

When you've got the answers you can be sure you'll know exactly what you're being asked to do.

You also get my 21 point guide on how to evaluate what you've written. IT tells you what to look for after you've written something.

Just read through your work checking it against each of the 21 points. If you can tick off every one you're most likely onto a winner with some dynamite copy.

Look.  You could spend a lifetime trying to learn this stuff - I have. And even then there's no guarantee that you'd actually know what you need to.

Or you could spend just under three hours with me and be sure that you have every single tool that you need.

So how much time have you got? The 27,875,880 minutes that it's taken me - with no guarantee of your success - or 11 seconds short of 171?

Buy with confidence, you're covered by my 60-day, no-nonsense, 100% money back guarantee:

If within 60 days you're not completely happy with the video and don't think it's worth ten times what you paid, I'll happily refund all your money - no questions asked. And you can keep the video too.

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