The Best TV Ad Ever (I Think)

Here’s the ad:

And here’s what Drayton said to me yesterday:

“I wrote a few TV ads in my time, none half as good as that – and I lost the lot, plus all my other samples – on the top deck of a bus after an interview at J. Walter Thompson.

“That must have been in 1975. I think I was so happy at having got a big project from them that I had the odd drink …

“The Volkswagen ad is so remarkable because of something I often mention – the element of surprise.”

“But what if you are not as brilliant as the guys who created that commercial?” I asked. “And what if you are not engaged in building a brand, but want to get a response?”

He said, “Then your approach would be quite different, I suspect.

“You would have lots of subtitles, for a start.

“But two golden rules always apply.

“1. If you watch a commercial with the sound off do you get the point?

“2. If you listen to a commercial without a picture do you get the point?

“Strangely enough those principles apply, even for the VW ad with so few words.”

I know I’m very lucky.  Drayton’s advice is just a phone call away – as is his admonition.

Everything we do has to get his approval.  If it doesn’t pass muster, it doesn’t go out. And sometimes the critique is a far from pleasant experience.

But this does mean our clients always get Bird quality work for around half the price of having the sage Old Bustard write it.

Perhaps we can help your business too. If you’re interested, send me an email with a subject of ‘No lemon’. I’ll get back to you straight away.