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Job: Emails

The goods delivered – again – by doing it differently.

This firm, like Everest, uses several agencies. But this e-mail – the first job we did for them – beat everything else hollow.

Why did it do so well? Because once again we followed our golden rule: don’t assume people won’t read a lot. They will if they’re interested; and if they’re not, don’t worry about them.

We also ignore the fallacy that e-mails need to look sexy to work. They don’t. They need to look personal and sincere.

John Pickles, Marketing Director, Inside Track said:

“Product from the Drayton Bird agency pretty much does what it says on the tin. If you are looking for direct response then this is certainly one place to try. Their no-nonsense approach using proven techniques and clear, detailed copy works. Since putting them to the test with an email campaign their executions have consistently outperformed control groups across our target universe. We plan to expand our range of activity with them”.

Here is the Email we send out:

What’s stopping you investing in property?

Are you just talking about it when you could be acting?

This FREE introductory property investment workshop is an exciting first step

Everyone talks about investing in property (I bet you have). Yet few get beyond talking – and even fewer make real money.

But 200 built property portfolios worth over a million pounds or more through us last year – and many more added a second, third, maybe even a fifth property to their portfolio. In fact in 2006, our clients bought property worth £552 million – equal to nearly 5% of all new-build units in the UK.

And everyone said “yes” to this invitation and benefited from the Inside Track programme.

They didn’t have huge capital. They just overcame their fears and learnt what works, what doesn’t and why – from people who discovered the only way that counts – by doing.

At one of our FREE introductory property investment workshops they met such people before deciding to spend a penny, saw facts, figures – discovered how this programme could help:

  • build a substantial property portfolio
  • put down minimal cash deposits – time after time
  • negotiate better – tricks that beat sellers at their own game
  • even buy properties at below market value – get 15% to 20% off regularly, and make impressive profits
  • make money in good times – and bad
  • They also got the answer to a question you’re asking yourself: why do we offer these FREE workshops?

All those 200 millionaires attended an introductory workshop and went on to benefit from this programme. They saw the inescapable economic reasons why prices rose an average of 11.3% year on year since 1948 (source: UK Land Registry) – even allowing for slumps.

They saw the logical reasons why income from renting residential properties more than doubled from £37 billion to £83 billion between 1992 – 2004 (source: Office for National Statistics.)

They saw why this trend is likely to continue. They saw that from a peak in 1956 – yes, 50 years ago – house building is lower than it’s been since before World War II.

They also learnt to recognise pitfalls – and how to minimise them. Because, whilst property investment, like any other investment, is not guaranteed to make you a profit, professionals know how to manage risk – and even profit from difficult situations.

Wouldn’t you too like to cash in on these facts?

Then Book your FREE place here for this no obligation, 2 hour introductory workshop. That’s how those 200 property millionaires started and can now say:

“We now have 3 properties in Florida, 1 in Scotland and 6 in England. The portfolio is worth £1.6 million with equity just shy of £500 000.”- Des Pirkhoffer

Click here to hear how 17 other ordinary people with the desire and determination to succeed made millions with Inside Track.

Like many, they could’ve talked about investing in property. But they didn’t. They acted and built a better future.

Why don’t you act now?

Go here for the first step, our FREE 2-hour introductory workshop. Then never look back.

Yours sincerely

John Pickles
Marketing Director – Inside Track

PS: A lucrative future is possible – click here now to book a FREE 2-hour property investment workshop.

PPS: To begin, you only need a desire to act. Plus the inside knowledge – which we could give you.

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