This will save you a ton of money (and misery)

This will save you a ton of money (and misery)
This will save you a ton of money (and misery)

Click here to get your 15-point check-list – it opens in a new window.

(To download the list¬†to your computer, right click the link above and select ‘save link as‘.)

What’s missing from the list?


I have spent 52 years recruiting and training people. Yes; I’m so damned old I recruited my first copywriter in 1964 – he ended up running his own agency.

I’ve written ads, tv and radio spots, presentations, speeches, films, leaflets, websites, landing pages. And I still write stuff every day – like this email.

So if you’ve read this far I guess I still know what I’m doing.

But there is one sad, inescapable¬†fact. Some people have talent – others don’t.

If you have something that should be selling, but isn’t …

If you have a proposition that should work, but doesn’t …

If your copy should sell, but doesn’t …

Send Gerald ( an email with a subject of ‘Drayton’s list’.

Do it now, before you read another email

I’ll review your copy or your proposition and tell you what I think – no charge.

There is hardly anything I haven’t helped to sell – from Mercedes cars to model London buses.

So I can usually make helpful comments.

Why am I making you this free offer? Because some of you will decide to call on my help.

And one of you may become an important client.

By the way …

Do you make free offers in your business? Are they working?

That’s another subject I can advise you on.

In fact there are very few areas where my colleagues and I can’t help.

So what have you got to lose – except a few sleepless nights?

Read the check list, then send Gerald that email.

Happy to help.