VW Touareg Tows 747

[youtube S2oMo2Nr0vg]

You may have seen it before.

How would you like to meet the guy behind it?

My friend Ian will probably kill me for saying this – but he really is a mad genius.

He comes up with ideas nobody else would have thought of.

What’s more they sell stuff like crazy.

By “stuff” I mean things as different as Bentley cars, American Express Cards, Purdey Shotguns and Cadbury’s chocolate – and of course, VW cars.

Another time he thought it would be a good idea to buy an old London bus. Then just for the hell of it he bought another and sold it at a profit.

Unless you’re mad too, you must be thinking of ways to make more money from your marketing.

Ian can show you how

You can meet Ian and a few other pretty remarkable people if you join me at EADIM.





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