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7 deadly sins and how to improve results

How to make your direct marketing creative foolproof. Start by avoiding these seven deadly sins. The easiest way to improve your ads, emails and mailings is not to consider what makes for good creative work, but why most work stinks. Until you banish the bad, how can you hope to do well?

171 DM questions answered

What are you looking for? The answers to general marketing questions? A definition of direct marketing – and how it works? A simple analysis of the economics of direct marketing? Helpful suggestions on how to write and implement a marketing plan? Hints about media, creative and testing? You’ll find them all here. And if we’ve missed anything, tell us and we’ll add it.

Case Studies and Reports

Click here to find case histories, White Papers and classic texts, like Claude Hopkins’ “Scientific Advertising”. They are all different, but have one thing in common: they give you commonsense, proven ways to get measurably better results. And keep an eye on this space – we regularly add new content.


  1. Drayton

    You miss-spell a rather relevant word: “Social Media Today – Begginer Copywriting Tips”.

    The most important things to know about today’s latest fad – social media – are that a) people are pissing away billions on it and b) nobody has clearly defined what the words social media mean.

    A good place to start is with antithesis: which media are not social?

  2. I love this and I need it, please provide me with information on how to join.

    1. Drayton

      You just go down to the headings and c,lick on them to read the articles

  3. Albert Cameron Jr

    Thank you for creating this site! I am more of an operations guy and not a marketer. I’m having to grow as a businessman and I need as much help as I can stand, when it comes to other important components of a sound business model, start ups are fragile enough without me compounding the situation, by not knowing the right ways and means of marketing my enterprise effectively and economically, I appreciate your time and effort in providing this information, I consider it invaluable.

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