What’s wrong with this picture?

What not to do
What not to do

The picture above was under an e-mail headed just Social Media.

That is dumb.

People are certainly interested in Social Media. They are interested in many things.

Take cars …

A poll once revealed that most men loved their cars more than their wives.

But would you run an ad for Mercedes headed Car? Would McDonalds run an ad headed Hamburgers?

You do not get people to read your stuff just because you mention the subject. The subject line or the headline is there to get people to read on. It has no other purpose.

In this case to add to the folly the picture is an example of what Drayton calls Jerk-off Creative.

Hands up who thinks a dune buggy – or whatever it is – has anything to do with social media.

Step forward who thinks a sad, bad pun about sails/sales resembles a reason to buy in any way, shape or form.

If you want to be any good at this game you must understand how words and pictures work together.

Years ago Ogilvy & Mather did research into which pictures work and which don’t. Those that work relate to the subject or better still demonstrate the benefit. The others are either a waste of space or, even worse, downright confusing.

In a moment you can watch the second best commercial I mentioned earlier. As you will see, it is a demonstration.

There is an insane idea afoot that advertising is better than it was. This idea is mostly among younger people who cannot be bothered to study, but also among older people who have managed to succeed without studying.

Drayton says he suspects advertising is worse than it was in the ’60’s, largely because education is worse.

This commercial was made in 1967. Note that it is really aimed at businesses. People think businesses buy for logical reasons. This tugs at the heart strings. Do you think logic would have worked as well?

The world is full of fools who think anybody can do advertising. Thank God that means the rest of us can make money from their folly.

So if what you just read and saw made sense to you, perhaps you’d like our help with your marketing.

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