LV= , Liverpool Victoria

Job: Mail Pack

Winners in four different categories.

This is only one of the winners we consistently produced for this firm – in general insurance, savings plans and life insurance.

We also conducted training for this firm, as we have for Hargreaves Lansdown and Virgin Wines.

Here our success is due to understanding and capitalizing on their high service levels rather than focusing on price as so many do.

Paul Leadbitter, Head of Direct Distribution, LV= , Liverpool Victoria said:

“We first started working with Drayton Bird Associates in 2004, when we wanted better response rates on direct mail for Personal Loans. The immediate success of the first campaigns led to a successful and profitable relationship that has since encompassed control-beating work on general insurance, savings plans and life insurance.

“Common sense input on your brand, your product, your existing marketing communications – and most importantly, your customers. Forty-odd years of success (and occasional failures, some of which are now hilarious Bird anecdotes) have taught Drayton how to connect with people, emotionally and rationally – so he goes beyond “thinking” and “feeling” into what matters most of all: “acting” – parting with their hard-earned cash for your product.”

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