“Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.”
– David Ogilvy, founder of Ogilvy & Mather


“Drayton Bird is a wise and wily direct marketer. People all over the world have been lucky enough to learn from him.”
– Sir Martin Sorrell, founder of WPP


“Witty and practical, but never boring. A great book to read and re-read and one that I wish I had read earlier in my career.”
– Joe Sugarman. Copywriter, author, multi-millionaire pioneer of infomercials – at one time America’s largest single seller of electronic products


“Your books are among my most valued possessions, and easily among the greatest ever written on advertising, right up there with those by Caples, Ogilvy, Schwab, Reeves and Hopkins.”
– Gary Bencivenga, widely regarded before retirement as the world’s best direct marketing copywriter


“What a kick that was! I feel like I’ve just spent an hour with the Pope … you triggered so many great ideas and confirmed so many closely held beliefs of mine, well, believe it or not, words fail …”
– Clayton Makepeace, the world’s highest paid copywriter


“I value the partnership which seems to have grown between our two firms.”
– Peter Hargreaves, Co-Founder and CEO of Hargreaves Lansdown


“That was great … 48 hours later I got two good pieces of copy from people who’d never written before in their lives.”
– Rowan Gormley, co-founder of Virgin Money and Virgin Wines, and founder of Naked Wines


“Drayton Bird is the senior genius of the copywriting world.”
– David Garfinkel, copywriter and direct marketing expert,
known by industry insiders as ‘The Marketer’s Marketer’


“The most stunning results I’ve ever seen.”
– Chris Santry, Managing Director of Investment Research Services


“Drayton Bird Associates promises “Results – nothing less” and that is what they’ve delivered consistently.”
– Huw Williams, Marketing Director of Leger Holidays


“Your creative is the only material we have that consistently meets and exceeds its targets.”
– James Perrin, PruHealth – Prudential Assurance


“Drayton has helped us become the 2nd largest player in our sector.”
– Neil Sherring, Marketing Director of Windsor Telecom plc


“Drayton goes beyond “thinking” and “feeling” into what matters most of all: “acting” – parting with their hard-earned cash for your product.”
– Paul Leadbitter, Head of Direct Distribution at LV= – Liverpool Victoria


“The response was 5 times higher than the TV ads, with 60% less cost … the visitors to our website were DOUBLE and we had phone calls to our office. This never happened before … and all from 5 minutes advice.”
– Jaime Montesinos, Principal of IPM Business School in Lima, Peru


“When CCB wanted to promote fastMAP we asked Drayton to write the copy. We got five times more response.”
– Tony Coad, Chairman of CCB Ltd


“BeachBody.com had a moderately successful DRTV fitness business doing $6 million per year. Then the company started to employ the suggestions and strategies of Drayton Bird, and in its next year the company topped $40 million in sales.”
– Carl Daikeler, founder and CEO


“Over 25 years the one constant that has always been my source of inspiration has been Drayton Bird.”
– Rob Tolmie, founder of Extrafilm (Australia’s leading photographic DM firm)


“A full-on, no-holds barred exposé of what works and what doesn’t work in the world of marketing communications.”
– Dave Edmonds, Head of Marketing Communication for NatWest Bank


“So popular that I had to turn down bookings and return cheques as we were hugely overbooked.”
– Janet Attwater, DMA


“I learnt more in half an hour of Drayton Bird than on the 6-day marketing course I attended.”
– Senior Marketing Manager at Xerox (UK)


“Lots of common sense told with real success stories and good humour.”
– Gerard Price, Chief Executive of Linden Homes


“Certainly the highlight of the day and much admired by all who attended.”
– Stephen Pike, director of Dolder Grand Hotel, Zurich


“I really respect and admire your work. I have your books here and I’ve read through them to pick out all kinds of golden nuggets.”
– Yanik Silver, SurefireMarketing.com


“I built my business on Commonsense Direct Marketing – It always points you in the right direction.”
– Andrew Turner, MD and founder of Central Trust (Britain’s biggest loan business)


“There is no better craftsman of the word in the world.”
– Derek Holder, Founder of Institute of Direct Marketing


“Every day you remind me of something close to my heart, a viewpoint long forgotten, or something I’m actively thinking about.”
– Steven Taylor, Marketing Director of Premier Resorts Limited


– Roy Porter, founding chairman of The USDMA


“Fantastic and inspirational!”
– Janet Sullivan – Sales – Goodwin Electronics


“I have had him as a guest speaker in my course at Columbia Business School and he was just fabulous. He is just a great communicator who is funny while delivering superlative content.”
– Prof. Srikumar Rao, author of “Are you ready to succeed.” His Creativity and Personal Mastery is the only business school course with its own Alumni Association


“The only news email in my inbox I stop to actually read and have encouraged all my staff to sign up for it. Fantastic email series. Please don’t stop.”
– Anna Lee – institutional investor


“Many thanks, as always, for your “Helpful Hints” email – it is a vital source of knowledge and ideas to me, and I devour it every time I receive it.”
– Trevor Baker CEO of Public Sector Software Ltd



  1. Dear Drayton, you are a topic of conversation within our local community in Suffolk (an online group I think you may have popped into briefly), but I digress totally.

    I thought you might like to know that on the Google results page your website is coming up as potentially hacked, apologies, I cannot attach an image here, but the text “This site may be hacked.” appears just below the title and domain name.

    As I’ve been to your site several times recently (still hovering over the monthly subscription, I’ve nearly decided to!), I just thought out of courtesy you may like to know as obviously not good when looking to attract visitors.

    That’s all – thank you for all your work.

    Best wishes,

    1. Drayton

      We spent weeks trying to sort this out, Simon. All a mystery – and not true either

  2. Keita Hopkinson

    Good morning, Mr. Bird

    What a gift to have stumbled

    into your orbit last night for the very first time…
    (while visiting the Gary Halbert Copy Club).

    Regarding your books…

    and in reference to your comment…
    “The deal with the publisher is such shit it’s not worth bothering”

    …might this info interest you

    as a simple, direct, quick way to monetize your existing books…
    while snubbing-nose at the scoundrel publisher?

    http://www.concertwindow.com/ is a platform that makes it possible for you to create a pay-per-view

    (or strictly speaking, donate-to-view)

    live stream videos

    using just a lap top
    usb camera
    usb mic

    from-and-to anywhere that has wifi access.

    You can stream from a concert hall
    or a broom closet…


    Takes 5 mins to set up.

    You set the donation minimum
    (and viewers can increase it mid-stream)

    ConcertWindow takes a pinch of the action
    and delivers the bulk of the proceeds to your
    Paypal account the next day.

    You could — for instance…

    Create a webinar series of 15 minute videos

    reading / discussing one chapter from your book at each outing

    charge a mandatory fee for viewers

    and be paid directly for doing so.

    You could also film each event separately

    and archive online… viewable for a fee.

    Illustrator, James Gurney (of “Dinotopia”)

    is the father of the chap (Dan Gurney) — who
    invented Concert Window.

    James gave a 20 minute watercolour demo to

    test Concert Window early on…

    100 people tuned-in

    and James pocketed $500 for his time.

    You’re tremendous on video

    and you’re making them anyway

    perhaps a coin-harvest for you

    might be hitched to that cart?

    Thanks most kindly for bending an ear!

    May your path rise-up in gentle anticipation
    of your steps.

    I don’t have an affiliate arrangement
    with http://www.concertwindow.com

    I just dig their service.

    I’m a painter : http://www.thesquareinch.blogspot.ca/

    formerly taught by Maestro Maestro John Angel : http://www.angelartschool.com/mja.html

    who was a student of Maestro Pietro Annigoni — (who painted this portrait of the Queen Elizabeth in 1956) : https://a.1stdibscdn.com/archivesE/upload/6103022/f_3626852/DSC_9887_org_z.jpg)

    I’m also a jazz / vintage swing concert promoter : http://www.torontojazzbuzz.com/
    (working occasionally with sidemen from the Grammy winning Harry Connick Jr. Orchestra since 2005)

    and (after a decade of penning hundreds of horrible, pratfalling jazz promotions)

    only heard the phrase, “direct response copywriter / marketer” in 2015 for the very first time…

    falling (swooningly) into materials by Gary Halbert and John Carlton…

    the gods that came before them…

    and now…


  3. Hi Drayton,

    Thoroughly enjoyed your Melbourne show….so much so, I wrote a LinkedIn article about it: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ignore-marketing-lunatics-who-talk-drivel-clueless-tripe-white/

    I was curious about Cause related Marketing for not for profits. Do you have any resources or books you may be able to point me towards so I can really support a couple of my favourite charities in http://www.fittedforwork and http://www.nicubeard.com



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