When the blind lead the blind, where do you end up?

One reason why your copy may fail is simple.

You didn’t pay enough.

That’s not because you’re stupid. Why pay more than you need for anything?

And there are two seemingly logical reasons why people don’t pay enough for copy (or content as they call it now).

1. You and your colleagues write stuff every day to people – and they reply. It’s not exactly nuclear physics. So why pay others to do it.

2. There are so many copywriters around that many offer amazingly good deals.

I saw a good example today. It is an offer to pay what you want for a course called “Build Your Brand More Effectively by Mastering the Art of Copywriting”. It usually sells for $69.

Well it took me about 5 years to learn to write good copy – and even then I was nowhere near perfect.

Now read how the course is described:

Copywriting is an essential component to building a brand. Many businesses may outsource their copy to ad agencies, but if you’re small and growing, this may not be such a cost-effective measure. A better option would be handling your copy needs in-house, and this is the foundational course to start you off on the right foot. If you’re looking to take on copywriting as a career, this course will make sure you the skills to succeed. With an all-encompassing examination of what makes good copy and exercises to help you practice, you’ll soon be getting any brand the attention it deserves.

Do you know what’s wrong with that? Maybe you do, but just in case:

1. It’s 101 words long.

That really puts readers off. It’s like a long thirsty trek through the desert to the nearest oasis.

My old boss David Ogilvy suggested the ideal opening paragraph is 12 words long.

2. It’s full of dreary, uninvolving jargon and guff – like essential component, outsource their copy, cost-effective measure and so on.

3. It’s sloppy: there’s a word missing in make sure you the skills.

You really can’t hope to get an essential part of your business sorted out for $69. And what I didn’t tell you is this course takes a year.

Can you wait that long?

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