Consultancy. Practical advice and tested suggestions on strategy, planning or any other aspect of your marketing, on-line or off

Starting a new business? Need some advice on your strategy? A little help with your marketing plan or campaigns? Not sure how to integrate the digital activities with the direct marketing?

Many people offer this sort of thing.

So why should you come to us?

Because we have a very down-to-earth approach.

Everything we suggest is based on facts and test results. We all have, and Drayton in particular has, been involved in many different types of businesses – from large corporates to tiny start-ups.

As he always says, he has made “all the mistakes you can possibly make – and a few nobody would ever make”. Getting our advice means tapping into this wealth of knowledge and experience.

But, most importantly, what you get out of it is not a strategic report, but many helpful suggestions that you could implement straight away and that are proven to get better results.

When we offered our advice to Masterfoods, for instance, the then Head of Direct Marketing commented:

“You can rely on Drayton Bird Associates to deliver the goods.”

“Their analysis is always thorough – the product of partners with a wealth of combined experience and very sound judgment. They quickly grasp the important issues and know which levers to pull.”

“When the thinking is right the challenges become obvious. I’d recommend them anytime”.

Andrew Pound, Head of Direct Marketing, Masterfoods Europe Dog Portfolio

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