Creative Evaluation – Get a second opinion on your DM campaigns or communications

Do you ever feel that you are so close to what you do you wouldn’t spot an elephant if it ran across the page? Is there anything that puzzles you? Would you like to double-check if there’s something you’re missing or maybe just be reassured you are on the right track?

An old friend of Drayton, Mani Ayer, the former Chairman of Ogilvy and Mather India used to say: “The obvious is always overlooked”.

This is so true of direct marketing and creative, isn’t it?

That’s why every now and then it is good to have a creative health check. Let somebody look at things with a fresh eye. Apply the knowledge and experience (in our case a total of 97 years amongst our senior people) gained in a variety of industries to your particular problem.

The outcome might be staggering. One small change could make a huge difference.

For example, we regularly review the online work that do.

On one occasion we suggested them to move the questions around on the application page and to move the most motivating question right at the beginning.

The result? It increased the conversion rate by 362.5%.

Click here to read some clients’ comments.

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