Google AdWords and Beyond

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What’s that flower doing there? Ask Howie when you see him.

Here’s some straight from the shoulder talk from AdWords for Dummies author Howie Jacobson.

Unless you’ve been marooned on a desert island for the last few years you hear constantly that AdWords is the most powerful way to build your online business.

And it’s probably true. Nowhere else can you find, attract, and turn customers and leads into cash as fast as you can with AdWords.

It’s not all ponies and rainbows, though.

Most marketers start using AdWords and get disillusioned as soon as they discover how many ways AdWords can bite them in the butt. Here are the most common complaints:

“I can’t afford it.”

“I can’t get people to click on my ads.”

“The clicks are too expensive.”

And no wonder. Google themselves do a terrible job of explaining AdWords. I don’t blame anyone for giving up – if you approach AdWords the way Google tells you to.

But giving up and blaming AdWords for your lack of success is a huge wasted opportunity.

Those three complaints are all symptoms of a much deeper problem: a structural weakness in your business model that AdWords has just revealed to you.

And you can use AdWords to mend it, if you understand how. Join me in Southwark and I’ll show you.

But now this is even more urgent than it was. Because as Google has redesigned their search results pages to maximize their revenue, the importance of AdWords has increased. And if you’re not bang up to date you could be in trouble even if you’ve done well so far.

When you start doing AdWords the right way, your business changes in profound ways.

Not just because of all the extra traffic, although that can happen. No, AdWords forces many businesses to start doing the things they should have been doing all along. Like:

  • Researching their market and discovering unmet needs and desires
  • Segmenting the market and identifying key customer profiles
  • Testing their copy to find the right appeal and the right language to connect with prospects
  • Measuring results and constantly iterating and improving all aspects of the customer acquisition funnel
  • Increasing the lifetime value of a customer to stay sharp and competitive

In other words, your AdWords competitors become the stones against which you sharpen your value proposition, your offers, and your business model.

It’s like New York, New York: if you can make it on AdWords, the world’s most competitive advertising medium, then you can make it anywhere.

I hope you’re excited, or at least curious about this hidden potential of AdWords to transform your business. Because done correctly, AdWords is a whole lot more than a channel that delivers sales and leads to your website. It’s also:

  • A way to measure and validate the potential of your business idea, product, or offering
  • A way to improve your marketing in a scientific, stepwise, almost inevitable fashion
  • A medium in which to test, refine, and strengthen your business model
  • A roadmap to growing your business using the “Bullseye and Target” method, starting with a small group of ideal customers and branching out as far into the market as possible

The Google AdWords and Beyond workshop is three hours long, and gives you all this:

  • What AdWords really is and how you can use it more effectively than your competitors
  • Keywords and keyword decompression – how to read the mind of your market before spending a dime or a minute on your AdWords campaigns
  • Identifying your bullseye
  • 3 Free tools
  • Quick and dirty and cheap testing – before you spend money on product or business development
  • Ad writing – the promise they most want to hear
  • Relevance
  • Differentiation
  • Voice
  • Landing page magic
  • AIDA
  • BB/DD/RR
  • Bidding strategies to get the most bang from your AdWords buck
  • The AdWords Archery road map – to mitigate risk and increase traction as you go from idea to reality
  • Start with the bullseye and get profitable on a small scale
  • Expand your reach
  • Get profitable in each successive market, then expand again
  • How and when to use the various AdWords networks and features to test other media.

You are going to pick up some very serious stuff here.

Do you realise, for example, Ads are replacing organic listings on the “money” keywords that advertisers care about. For many keywords, the top “free” listing is below the fold – meaning your prospect actually has to scroll down the page to see it.

Today, fully two thirds of all searches with high commercial intent (jargon for “they’re hot to buy”) end up clicking on a paid ad rather than a free listing that got on the page due to SEO techniques.

Camp Checkmate (advanced AdWords-based copywriting course) with Drayton

Great copywriters know that successful marketing requires :

  • Understanding your prospects better than they understand themselves
  • Testing various appeals and offers until you find the one that resonates most strongly with your prospects
  • Identifying and anticipating objections
  • Making emotional, not logical, appeals to stoke desire and generate action

Those are easy to say, but often devilishly hard to do.

How do you go about understanding your prospects better than they understand themselves? They can’t tell you what they themselves don’t know.

How do you generate the appeals and offers to test out of an infinite number of possibilities? How do you start? How can you test quickly and affordably? How can you continually “fail forward” on your way to success?

How do you get prospects to tell you their objections in a blunt and honest fashion when most people hate conflict and don’t know how to be honest, let alone blunt?
How do you create emotionally vivid appeals without resorting to the same clichés your competitors are using?

Google: The World’s Best Positioning Playground

It turns out that the Google search engine, when approached in a totally counter-intuitive way, is the fastest and most accurate way to get answers to these questions.

In this three hour workshop, Google AdWords For Dummies author Howie Jacobson is joined by Drayton to show you how to write powerful and effective copy that you can test and improve almost immediately.

Not just in AdWords, but in any medium

You’ll leave the workshop with a dozen completely new ads to test – most of them completely original ideas that you would never have come up with on your own.
You’ll use the power of “other people’s brains” to solve copy problems that you’ve been struggling with.

You’ll unearth the deepest, most secretly-held objections that are preventing your best customers from doing business with you, and you’ll discover how to neutralize those objections.

The most common reaction from participants of Camp Checkmate is that of utter relief. They say things like, “I’ve been in business for 20 years, and I feel like I just met my customer for the very first time.”

Camp Checkmate is designed to put other people’s brains to work on your business. You’ll be amazed at the energy that flows, at the creativity that’s unleashed, and at the breakthroughs that pop constantly in the room.

People who have been banging their heads against the wall trying to write ads, sales letters, and web pages suddenly return to their offices with total clarity and renewed excitement.

Camp Checkmate London focuses on four exercises:

1. Checkmate Matrix
2. Dear Diary
3. Press Conference
4. Doctor Freud

The Checkmate Matrix is a quick and simple tool that shows you how to position your business within a competitive market. In 10 minutes, you’ll discover gaps where your competition is weak and you can be strong.

Dear Diary is a quick and powerful way to get into the mind of your ideal prospect. In 10 minutes, you’ll create and flesh out a customer Avatar, a fictional but emotionally rich persona to whom you’ll be marketing.

Many participants start generating breakthrough ideas just by combining the insights of the Checkmate Matrix and Dear Diary. The two activities act like night-vision goggles for your marketing brain, showing you hidden opportunities that now appear bright and obvious.

Press Conference taps the power of other people’s creativity to help you come up with a dozen new marketing concepts to test. Other people, especially those who know next to nothing about your business, can see things you can’t. And they don’t have the mental blocks that inevitably develop when you think about the same things every day.

Press Conference solves the classic “medicine bottle problem,” where you can’t read the label if you’re inside the bottle. You’ll effortlessly create advertising copy for others, and they’ll do the same for you.

Doctor Freud is a fun and powerful small group activity that unearths hidden objections. You’ll discover the non-obvious reasons your prospects aren’t buying. Once you see them, you’ll easily be able to anticipate and neutralize them.

Doctor Freud has a side effect: it shows you how to be a better listener to your market. As marketers, we too often get into the habit of arguing with objections rather than listening to and learning from them. Doctor Freud will get you to kick that habit in 8 minutes!

You’ll leave Camp Checkmate with loads of new marketing material that you can test using Google AdWords. Because AdWords provides an almost instantaneous feedback loop, you’ll quickly discover which appeals work best in your market.

You’ll also depart with the ability to hold your own private Camp Checkmate any time you want, when you want to explore a new idea, new market, or new customer Avatar.



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