Testimonials – 51 Helpful Ideas

“Just returned from holiday and looking forward to my marketing tips fix. I really do enjoy reading them every day”
Carl Edwards

“I don’t know how you do it. Every day you remind me of something close to my heart, a viewpoint long forgotten, or something I’m actively thinking about.”
Steven Taylor, Marketing Director, Premier Resorts Limited

“Hi, Thanks for your informative emails – I am really enjoying them.”
Barry Roback , Chief Executive , The JSA Group of Companies

“I appreciate your taking the time to share your experience and knowledge with me. The thing that strikes me the most though is how simple your guidance is. By simple I mean easy, uncomplicated, not simple minded. As I read some of your “helpful ideas” my reaction is – well yeah duh.”
Stuart Streit, Cincinnati, OH

“Your emails have been very useful, indeed you’re set up pride of place as a special folder in Outlook with each one stored away for reference. I’m raising a glass to your continued health and success as I write!”
Ian Hitt

“First of all, thank you for all your very helpful ideas. I can find a hundred and one things to improve my sales.”
Krypton Kho

“Thanks… your message was inspiring.”
Roy Porter – Activities Director – Porter Direct Marketing, Inc – Mr. Porter was the founding Chairman of The DMA

“I am receiving your emails loud and clear and enjoying them immensely. They are either useful or entertaining and frequently both. Keep those emails coming.”
Richard Cramb

“I’ve really enjoyed them and so has my boss as we have been sharing and discussing your ideas regularly. We’re looking forward to your next email in the series – fantastic and inspirational!”
Janet Sullivan – Sales – Goodwin Electronics

“Drayton, I again send thanks for all the gems you’ve been sending, they really are very valuable in themselves, but the manner in which you’ve given them and their easy comfortable language makes them a delight to read and re-read. And I can’t believe they’ve been free! Cheers, Gerard.”
Gerard Birss Donnithorne Fordyce Vintiner Birss & Young

“Ich bin jetzt begeisterter Leser des webblogs…Bird droppings…dieser englische Humor ist unerreicht. Ist der Mann im richtigen Leben auch so sympathisch, wie er auf seiner Seite ´rüberkommt?
Grüße von der Elbe!”
(I am an enthusiastic reader of the blog…bird droppings…Unrivalled English humour. Is the man (Drayton Bird) as likeable in real life as he appears on the blog? Greatings from the Elbe! – Hamburg)
Michael Trübger | ImmoSky

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