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“I really respect and admire your work. I have your books here and I’ve read through them to pick out all kinds of golden nuggets.”
Yanik Silver, SurefireMarketing.com

“I built my business on Commonsense Direct Marketing – for years I was dipping in and out of it, and still do. It always points you in the right direction”
Andrew Turner, MD and founder, Central Trust

“Hailed as ‘the authoritative textbook’ on direct marketing, this book is packed with global case histories of how companies using Bird’s ideas have managed to grow and prosper. His writing is witty and practical, but never boring. A great book to read and re-read and one that I wish I had read a lot earlier in my career.”
Joseph Sugarman, CEO JS&A

“Drayton knows that at the heart of every good mailing is a good letter. The ultimate how-to book of direct mail letter writing”
Victor Ross, former Chairman, Reader’s Digest

“I guarantee that anybody reading this book and acting on any one of its many telling lessons will recoup the price many, many times over. Every piece of advice is worth gold.”
Robert Heller, Founder of Management Today

“Drayton practices what he preaches. His book makes for a fascinating read with hundreds of tips on how to improve your writing ability and to write in a more natural style. But more importantly, in a convincing manner.”
Peter Boggs, Chairman, Grey Direct UK

“I do believe your book is the first that provokes out loud laughing”
Stan Winston, Creative Director Ogilvy & Mather New York

“Reflects so much common sense, so much insight into managing your customer, that only a very closed mind would ignore it ”
Mike Perry, former General Manager – Marketing, Gallaher Ltd

“The most intelligent book on the art of copywriting I have read. There is no better craftsman of the word in the world. I recommend it to anyone who has to write or approve sales letters ”
Derek Holder, Managing Director, Institute of Direct Marketing

“Of all the books I have read as editor, this is the one I found genuinely interesting, useful and USABLE. If your business doesn’t improve after reading it, go back to school”
Paul Rowney, Publisher

“Drayton’s books are to direct marketers what Salome’s veils were to dancers – beautifully crafted rare insights to the secrets of our business”
Wendy Riches, Managing Director, Ogilyy & Mather Direct, New York

“I have just read your commonsense direct marketing book, and found that I read the whole book through from cover to cover in one weekend – because it was well written (as you would hope!) but also because it was just so immediately useful. ”
Rowan Gormley, Virgin Wines

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