Testimonials – Our seminars and speeches

“That was great – everyone was really buzzed up when we left … 48 hours later I got two good pieces of copy from people who’d never written before in their lives”
Rowan Gormley, Founder, Virgin Wine.

“Just returned from holiday and looking forward to my marketing tips fix. I really do enjoy reading them every day ”
Carl Edwards

“One hundred percent of delegates said they would recommend it to their colleagues”
Lisa Drapkin, American Express HQ, New York

“Just a note to say thank you for a most excellent presentation”
Srikumar Rao, Professor, Columbia Business School, New York

“Drayton delivered a day long session which inspired and challenged the marketing team. By using practical examples of industry best – and worst – practice, they were able to see for themselves what it takes to make the difference.”

“This was no dry, “marketing lecture” by an industry guru. This was a full-on, no-holds barred expose of what works and what doesn’t work in the world of marketing communications. Definitely not for the faint hearted or anyone unwilling to challenge themselves to get more out of their marketing budget.”
Dave Edmonds, Head of Marketing Communication, NatWest Bank

“…a heartfelt thank you for your hard work and your effort in helping to make the 76th Annual Conference and Exhibition our best and most upbeat ever!”
Janice Levine and Valerie Knaster, DMA Manager and Co-Director conference programming

“The evening proved to be so popular that I had to turn down bookings and return cheques as we were hugely overbooked. ”
Janet Attwater, DMA

“Drayton Bird doesn’t teach, he inspires you. One day with him is worth a month with most other professionals”
Rod Pullen, Managing Director, Batey Advertising Singapore

“I was on one of Drayton’s IDM courses about 15 years ago – those inspiring 3 days really got me into DM – I have many of his articles and practised DM ever since – although now (sadly in some ways) I have more of a general marketing role.”
Dave McKenna, Marketing Director, Key Camps

“It was an excellent presentation, seductive style and a great reception from the company”
Phillip Cooke, D’Arcy Marketing Communications

“A superb talk on CRM”
Jason Wenham, Bovis Homes

“Comprehensive, interesting, educational and practical. The stories and examples are excellent. … a very entertaining, brilliant and consummate speaker.”
Assistant Vice President, Lehman Brothers Investment Banking, New York

“Marvellous! We get him to talk at all our events, because he makes it seem so simple.”
Sean Larrangton-White, Founder, tank! direct marketing group.

“I learnt more in half an hour of Drayton Bird than on the 6-day marketing course I attended”
Senior Marketing Manager, Xerox (UK)

“The highlight of our 2-day conference … one of the best, or the best anyone could remember”
Canadian Direct Marketing Association

“The keynote speech really hit the mark with the audience”
Lucy Haynes, PPA Magazine Subscriptions 2001

“Only truly worthwhile session today”
Manager ADMA Pan Pacific Conference; Australia, 2001

“Many thanks for an excellent presentation”
Giles Catcheside, Procter & Gamble, Switzerland

“Excellent. Great content and presentation”. “Good presentation – very entertaining and fantastic stories and anecdotes” “I found Drayton a great presenter – you really feel he has experienced so much which makes you want to listen”. “Excellent – thoroughly enjoyed the session – great experience to hear the wise words and advice of DB” “Brilliant”
IDM Diploma students 2004

“Thank you for your inspiring contribution”
David Emerson, Theatrical Management Association

“Your talk was the perfect way to end the conference. Lots of common sense told with real success stories and good humour. I hope, and will encourage, our people to make use of the concept”
Gerard Price, Chief Executive Linden Homes

“What a star you are! You gave the conference the credibility and kudos it needed. Your presentation was excellent”
Head of Customer Management, Bank of Scotland

“Our participants really appreciated the advice”
Zara Hayward, Events Coordinator, Proudfoot Consulting

“I simply can’t think of anyone better than Drayton Bird. He has an incredible amount of knowledge”
Soren Biune, Marketing Director, Topdanmark Insurance

“One delegate put Drayton Bird’s ideas into practice and in one week the responses increased by 25 percent”
Robert Howells, Director, Marketing Systems, IBIS information Services

“One of those rare speakers who capture your attention immediately … holds your interest … and leaves you with something positive from the experience. I guarantee you won’t be bored.”
Carol Champagne, Y2Marketing, California

“I’ve heard Drayton speak to audiences from Hong Kong to Buenos Aires. Every time I hear him I learn something new and remember things I’d forgotten years ago.”
George Machun, San Francisco, State University

“Certainly the highlight of the day and much admired by all who attended”
Stephen Pike, Director, Dolder Grand Hotel, Zurich

“Teaching, educating comes naturally for Drayton Bird”
Ed Mclean, DM News, New York

“… a talented and dynamic presenter who will always be welcomed by our association”
Polly Jensen, President, Chicago Association of Direct Marketing

“Our clients in Asia line up to hear him speak. Others fly him to exotic places to speak for an hour at a marketing meeting”
Godfrey Rooke, Managing Director, O&M Direct Hong Kong

“… a breath of fresh air …”
Stephen Smith, Intermediary Marketing, The Mortgage Corporation Ltd

“Bird is excellent — and what wonderful stories.”
Senior Marketing Analyst, TRS Merchandise Service, American Express

“I was on one of Drayton’s IDM courses about 15 years ago – those inspiring 3 days really got me into DM – I have many of his articles and practised DM ever since – although now (sadly in some ways) I have more of a general marketing role.”
Dave McKenna, Marketing Director, Key Camp Holidays

“Best seminar I’ve attended — it was relevant, entertaining and comprehensive”
Manager, Insurance Services, American Express

“A number of delegates have told us that they took away “golden nuggets” from your session, and are already making changes in their businesses.”
Kenneth Caudrelier – Chairman – IOD Diploma Network Committee

“Members of the first American Trade Mission for Direct Marketing marked Drayton Bird’s visit to the American Embassy in London as one of the highlights of our trip to Europe.”
Bill McNutt, Former Member of the White House Staff under President Reagan

“In 2 days, I found answers to a year’s worth of problems”
Monica Yip, Chase Manhattan Bank, Hong Kong

“The Norwegian saving bank community is conservative but Drayton Bird had the ability to get these 50 bank and marketing managers emotionally involved in seeing direct Marketing as an important tool in the marketing of financial services.”
Arne Hjeltnes, Marketing Coordinator, Norwegian Savings Bank

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