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“Scientific Advertising”
by Claude C HOPKINS

Blissfully short, easy to read and to the point, full of gems.
All the modern giants of advertising – and particularly the U.S. Internet gurus – swear by this book. David Ogilvy claimed it changed his life, and “nobody should serve in any advertising function until they have read this book 5 times”.
Despite having been written in 1926, almost everything Hopkins says is as relevant today as it was then. A must-read for anybody serious about marketing or advertising.

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Financial Direct Marketing

“Teaching grandmothers how to suck eggs?”

This case study shows how we helped the UK’s largest, most successful IFA achieve even better results through direct communications.
It is interesting because they didn’t really need our help (hence the title). Yet, we were able to improve their results. An interesting read whatever your market.

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Financial DM Whitepaper

“Selling Money”

The UK Financial Services spends more on direct marketing than any other business sector. What challenges do marketers face in this increasingly commoditised market? How can you get your prospects to warm to you and ultimately buy? What are the most common mistakes? This short White Paper analyses the market, its problems and shows approaches that have been proven to work. Includes a chapter about dealing effectively with compliance.

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“Voyage of Discovery”

“What I learned about the big differences – and great opportunities – in the old “Eastern Bloc”

This article was commissioned by Direct Marketing International last year – and I think I cheated. Most of the ideas were from Ales Lisac, one of the EADIM lecturers.

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Special Issue of DIRECT magazine April 2008

“Bird ruffles feathers … lays”

Malcolm Auld, a long-time friend and colleague, is one of Australia’s leading marketing educators. Here he interviews Drayton for Direct magazine after a Masters of Marketing Breakfast in Sydney attended by 372 people.

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Article – EADIM, The European Academy of Direct & Interactive Marketing

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

Are you educated in direct marketing? And what’s a good education worth to you? Plus some facts about what characterises the most successful people – and a little quiz to test your knowledge.

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Direct marketing principles revealed

This piece was for leading international wine magazine, Meininger’s – and has some instructive examples and perceptive comments.

But you should find it useful because the principles discussed don’t just relate to wine – they apply to everything.

Particularly relevant are the comments made by Dan Snook, MD of Avery’s Wine in Bristol which is part of Tony Laithwaite’s realm.

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Article in Body Language magazine (The UK Journal of Medical Aesthetics and Anti-Ageing, 2008)

Secrets of better marketing

People often ask questions like, “Will this work for my kind of business?”

The answer is “yes”.

In another piece Drayton discussed how direct marketing works in the wine industry. In this one he talks about one of the world’s fastest growing industries – cosmetic surgery.

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Another article in Body Language magazine (The UK Journal of Medical Aesthetics and Anti-Ageing, 2008)

How to sell in words and pictures

In this piece Drayton follows on from the previous one, going into more detail about how you put direct principles into action and focusing on what makes people more likely to reply to your messages – and what makes them easier to take in.

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