Creative work that gets better results in all direct media

Is your creative a bit of a hot potato? Throw it in our direction. We love a challenge!

And whatever you need, be it a direct mail pack, doordrops, a leaflet, an insert, a press ad, an email, website copy, why not put us to the test?

Over the past three years our results have almost always beaten what we were tested against.

Just give us a go…

It could be a product or service you just can’t sell …

… Just as happened with PruHealth. They came to us with one: they had been trying to sell their revolutionary health insurance plan to no avail for almost a year. They were beginning to wonder whether it could be sold. But just before pulling the plug they came to us and this is what happened …

“After reviewing the current performance of all marketing creative we have come to the scary realisation that your creative is the only material we have that consistently meets and exceeds its targets.

This is scary because if Paul hadn’t the foresight to introduce an agency test into the campaign we would shortly be concluding that the PruHealth direct-to-consumer channel doesn’t work”
James Perrin, PruHealth

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… something good already that could be made better …

… Take Everest. They live and die on results – always the case when you have a sales force and a factory to keep busy. They were already getting enough leads but … could they get more? That’s the question they approached us with. Almost three years down the line, this is what they say …

“As one of the country’s largest mailers only three things matter. Results. Results. And results. We were doing fine – but needed a fresh input. Their first creative matched existing results. Learning from this they developed a pack which lifted response by nearly 50% – with cost per sale down by 25%. For three years we ‘ve tested their work against alternatives. Nothing else has had the endurance, flexibility or potential. People talk about partnership. They are the real thing. Quick, dedicated – and great lunches.”
Paul Mitchel, Everest

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… a little push when the going gets tough

Look at the loans industry.

During the last few years it’s increasingly become all about price, making it almost impossible for consumers and marketers alike to tell one offer from another – especially if what you have is not the cheapest rate in the market.

This was exactly the position Liverpool Victoria was in. Their loan interest rate was decent – but nothing to write home about. And same could be said of their response rates.

“We first started working with Drayton Bird Associates in 2004, when we wanted better response rates on direct mail for Personal Loans.”
Paul Leadbitter, Head of DM, Liverpool Victoria.

Did they get better results? Yes, as much as 78% better – and they’ve used us ever since.

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… more replies when you need all you can get

When you have 11 seminars a week to fill with delegates, you really need all the replies you can get.

And if these seminars are free, you don’t want just anybody to reply. You want the right people, those who are then likely to buy what you sell. And what if the market you largely created is getting more and more crowded?

Inside track, the UK’s leading property investment education firm had exactly this problem. Also, as we mentioned to them that in our experience simple, text email work better than those with graphics, they wanted to see if this applied to them too.

Here’s what happened:

“Product from the Drayton Bird agency pretty much does what it says on the tin. If you are looking for direct response then this is certainly one place to try. Their no-nonsense approach using proven techniques and clear, detailed copy works. Since putting them to the test with an email campaign their executions have consistently outperformed control groups across our target universe. We plan to expand our range of activity with them “.
John Pickles, Marketing Director, Inside Track

Click here to see the work – or click here to read more clients’ comments

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