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  1. Hi Drayton,

    First, obviously stupid, question: are you taking on any more clients?
    Second, if yes, I have a brand new brief to drive demand and pipeline for my companies data management solution into large insurance (new to Stibo) companies in France and the UK.

    I am putting together the strategy for it at the moment, but what will underpin it’s success is the content of the materials. Because of my short timescales; looking to get something into market in the next 3 weeks, although that doesn’t mean all content needs to be produced in this time limit; I cannot scale to meet the content needs, and so am looking for support.

    This is the start, ultimately I’ll be responsible for driving demand into all of Europe and across many industries.

    Is it worth having an initial chat at some point? I’m quite happy to come in to London if that suits.



    1. Drayton

      Please contact my partner Michael. He is near London; and he manages our creative workthough I supervise and edit – and rewrite.

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